Council ordinances are posted once adopted by Council.  If an ordinance number does not appear on the list, it may mean that it is still going through the legislative process.

2024 Ordinances

Ord 1-2024 Fairfax BZA Appointment Ordinance

Ord 2-2024 C Shelton Retirement

Ord 3-2024 Fairfax.2024 Electric Aggregation Ordinance

Ord 4-2024 CO #1 – Virginia Ave


2023 Ordinances

Ord 01-2023 Fairfax Floodplain Regulations Ordinance.2023

Ord 02-2023 Fairfax.2023 Zoning Map Amendment Ordinance

Ord 03-2023 Fairfax Electric Aggregation Ordinance.2023

Ord 04-2023 Fairfax Zoning Officer Pay Ordinance.2023

Ord 05-2023 Fairfax Recreation Events Coordinator Pay Ordinance.2023

Ord 06-2023 Fairfax Recreation Worker Pay Ordinance.2023

Ord 07-2023 Fairfax – Traffic Code Amendment (Texting)

Ord 08-2023 Municipal Parking Lot Reconstruction

Ord 09-2023 Fairfax.2023 Ac Emergency Repair Ordinance

Ord 10-2023 Supplemental Appropriation

Ord 11-2023 2023 Asphalt And Curb Replacement Project

Ord 12-2023 2023 Virginia Ave Repaving And Water Main

Ord 13-2023 Fairfax Lmfr Loan Agreement Third Amendment Ordinance.2023

Ord 14-2023 Fairfax.2023 Electric Aggregation Ordinance

Ord 15-2023 Fairfax.2023 Gas Aggregation Ordinance(31361691.1)

Ord 16-2023 Prus CO #1 2023 Muni Pkg Lot

Ord 17-2023 Fairfax LMFR MOU

Ord 18-2023 Fairfax.2023 Electric Aggregation Ordinance Post Election

Ord 19-2023 Fairfax.2023 Gas Aggregation Ordinance Post Election

Ord 20-2023 ZBA Appointments Daley- T Telgkamp

Ord 21-2023 Fairfax Hamilton County Suplus Property Sale Ordinance.2020

Ord 22-2023 Supplemental Appropriation

2022 Ordinances

Ord 01-2022 ZBA Appointments Perkins- D Telgkamp

Ord 02-2022 ZBA Appointments Daley- T Telgkamp

Ord 03-2022 Fairfax Property Tax Lien Ordinance (23937829) (1)

Ord 04-2022 Fairfax Tax Review Board Ordinance

Ord 05-2022 Fairfax One Ohio Resolution

Ord 06-2022 Fairfax Salaried Maintenance Foreman Ordinance

Ord 07-2022 Fairfax Solicitor Ordinance.2022

Ord 08-2022 New Patrolman 2022 Flynn

Ord 09-2022 New Patrolman 2022 Roades

Ord 10-2022 Fairfax Omnia Purchase Ordinance Roof

Ord 11-2022 Fairfax Police Clerk Replacement Ordinance.2022

Ord 12-2022 Fairfax Police Clerk Replacement Ordinance.2022

Ord 13-2022 Fairfax.2022 Property Maintenance Code Revisions And Code Official Terms

Ord 14-2022 Fairfax Odot Consent Ordinance.2022

Ord 15-2022 Ordinance Fairfax Lmfr Loan Agreement Second Amendment Ordinance.2022

Ord 16-2022 Supplemental Appropriation

Ord 17-2022 Supplemental Appropriation

Ord 18-2022 Award 2022 Street Project

Ord 19-2022 Fairfax Odot Bridge Inspection Ordinance.2022

Ord 20-2022 Fairfax Odot Bridge Decking Consent Ordinance.2022

Ord 21-2022 Fairfax Filebound Contract Ordinance

Ord 22-2022 Supplemental Appropriation

Ord 23-2022 Fairfax Police Officer Appointment Ordinance Flynn

Ord 24-2022 Fairfax Police Officer Appointment Ordinance Roades

Ord 25-2022 Fairfax Mayor S Court Magistrate Compensation Ordinance.2022

Ord 26-2022 Fairfax.2022 Red Bank Village Eighth Amendment Ordinance

Ord 27-2022 ZBA Appointments Perkins- D Telgkamp

2021 Ordinances

Ord 01-2021 Fairfax Chrysler Fca Realty Third Amended Cra Agreement Exhibit A

Ord 02-2021 Fairfax Childress Contract Ordinance

Ord 03-2021 Fairfax Police Clerk .consultant Ordinance

Ord 04-2021 Fairfax Chrysler Fca Realty Cra Fourth Amendment Ordinance

Ord 05-2021 Fairfax Auxiliary Police Hire.2021

Ord 06-2021 Fairfax Lmfr Membership Agreement Amendment Ordinance

Ord 07-2021 Fairfax.2020 Zoning Map Amendment Ordinance

Ord 08-2021 5th Amend CRA FCA Realty

Ord 09-2021 Fairfax Tax CleACrk Overhaul Ordinance.2021

Ord 10-2021 Fairfax Police Pay Overhaul.2021

Ord 11-2021 Fairfax Police Clerk Pay Overhaul.2021

Ord 12-2021 Fairfax JEDZ Tax Administrator Overhaul Ordinance.2021

Ord 13-2021 Fairfax Maintenance Department Pay Overhaul.2021

Ord 14-2021 Fairfax Village Administrator Pay Overhaul.2021

Ord 15-2021 Fairfax Fiscal Officer Pay Overhaul.2021

Ord 16-2021 Fairfax Criminal Code Curfew Revision Ordinance

Ord 17-2021 Fairfax Coronavirus Relief Fund 2021

Ord 18-2021 Fairfax Coronavirus Relief Fund Transfers 2021

Ord 19-2021 Fairfax.2021 Wooster Pike Emergency Repair Ordinance

Ord 20-2021 Supplemental Appropriation

Ord 21-2021 JK Meurer C#3 2020 Streets

Ord 22-2021 Fairfax.2021 Red Bank Village Seventh Amendment Ordinance

Ord 23-2021 Police L Gordon To Patrolman

Ord 24-2021 Fairfax.2021 Property Maintenance Grass Ordinance

Ord 25-2021 Supplemental Appropriation

Ord 26-2021 2022 Budget

Ord 27-2021 Fairfax Police Clerk Second Consultant Ordinance

Ord 28-2021 Fairfax Hr Profiles Background Check Agreement Ordinance

Ord 29-2021 Fairfax Hgacbuy Purchase Ordinance

Ord 30-2021 Fairfax.11.2021 Zoning Map Amendment Ordinance

Ord 31-2021 Change Order #4 Meurer

Ord 32-2021 Fairfax Ohio AG Collection Agreement Ordinance

Ord 33-2021 Supplemental Appropriation

Ord 34-2021 Appropriations 2022 Final

2020 Ordinances

Ord 01-2020 Fairfax Police Pay Ordinance.2020

Ord 02-2020 – Fairfax Police Clerk Pay Ordinance.2020

Ord 03-2020 Fairfax Tax Clerk Pay Ordinance.2020

Ord 04-2020 Fairfax JEDZ Clerk (Tax Administrator) Pay Ordinance.2020

Ord 05-2020 Fairfax Maintenance Department Pay Ordinance.2020

Ord 06-2020 Fairfax Village Administrator Pay Ordinance.2020

Ord 07-2020 Fairfax Recreation Pay Ordinance.2020

Ord 08-2020 Assitant To Police Clerk

Ord 09-2020 Fairfax Stormwater Regs

Ord 10-2020 Tax Clerk Part Time Compensation

Ord 11-2020 Fairfax Residential Pace Ordinance

Ord 12-2020 Legal Compensation

Ord 13-2020 Fairfax Traffic Code Ordinance Change

Ord 14-2020 Fairfax State Of Emergency Declaration

Ord 15-2020 Fairfax Lmfr Agreement Amendment Ordinance

Ord 16-2020 Fairfax Chrysler FCA Realty CRA Agreement (Second Am)

Ord 17-2020 Award 2020 Street Project

Ord 18-2020 Supplemental Appropriation

Ord 19-2020 Budget 2021

Ord 20-2020 Fairfax Auxiliary Police Ordinance.2020

Ord 21-2020 JK Meurer C O 2020 Streets

Ord 22-2020 Fairfax Chrysler Fca Realty Cra Second Amendment Ordinance

Ord 23-2020 Supplemental Appropriation

Ord 24-2020 Fairfax Hamilton County Suplus Property Sale Ordinance

Ord 25-2020 JK Meurer C#2 2020 Streets

Ord 26-2020 Supplemental Appropriation

Ord 27-2020 Waste Collection – Rumpke

Ord 28-2020 Appropriations 2021 Summary Final

2019 Ordinances

Ord 11-2019 Fairfax Tax Review Board Ordinance

Ord 18-2019 CRA FCA-Chrysler

Ord 19-2019 Fairfax Police Pay Ordinance.2019 AMENDED

Ord 20-2019 Fairfax Maintenance Department Pay Ordinance.2019 AMENDED

Ord 21-2019 Fairfax Police Clerk Pay Ordinance.2019 AMENDED

Ord 22-2019 Fairfax Tax Clerk Pay Ordinance.2019 AMENDED

Ord 23-2019 Fairfax Jedz Clerk (tax Administrator) Pay Ordinance.2019 AMENDED

Ord 24-2019 Fairfax Assistant Clerk Treasurer Pay Ordinance.2019 AMENDED

Ord 25-2019 Zoning Official – T Perkins

Ord 26-2019 C Metzger ZBA And PC

Ord 27-2019 Suppl Approp

Ord 28-2019 J Adamson Patrolman

Ord 29-2019 Day To Sergeant

Ord 30-2019 Prus Change Order 2

Ord 31-2019 Award 2019 Street Project

Ord 32-2019 Sale Of High St Properties

Ord 33-2019 Fairfax Mayor S Court Magistrate Compensation Ordinance

Ord 35-2019 Supplemental Appropriation

Ord 36-2019 Fairfax Chrysler Fca Realty Easement Ordinance

Ord 39-2019 Supplemental Appropriation

Ord 40-2019 Adleta CO #1

Ord 41-2019 Traffic Calming Bank – CLG

Ord 42-2019 Fairfax Fiscal Officer Appointment Ordinance Rev 3

Ord 46-2019 Supplemental Appropriation

Ord 47-2019 Loan To LMFR

Ord 48-2019 Fairfax Criminal Code Firearms Repeal Ordinance

Ord 49-2019 Supplemental Appropriation