About the Fairfax Police Department

The Fairfax Police Department was formed in 1955 and consisted of one police officer. Approximately one year later, two additional officers were hired. Today, the Department consists of a Chief of Police, Lieutenant, Sergeant, six Patrol Officers and a civilian Clerk.The number one priority of the Department is to give the village the best service possible. We do this by maintaining a level of professional officers. In addition to select schools, officers receive training in five high liability areas.  They are: firearms, high speed pursuit, search and seizure, baton, and self defense.  Training is consistently reviewed and updated to maintain maximum efficiency.  Training exceeds 1000 hours for the entire Department.  With dramatic changes in police technology, the department’s equipment is constantly updated. Our current technology includes cruiser cameras, select fire weapons, semi-automatic handguns and shotguns, wireless microphones, BAC* DataMaster, portable video equipment, and in-house surveillance cameras.

The Department can access additional resources and outside expertise as the need arises. Through the Hamilton County Police Association, the department can request assistance from the  SWAT Team, Underwater Search and Recovery Team, Clergy Team, Honor Guard Team and the Most Wanted Band.  We are committed to providing the best possible service and using all available resources to protect the citizens and businesses of Fairfax. We are dedicated to making this village a safe, secure community where people will enjoy living, working and visiting.