• The Village contracts with Rumpke for the removal of trash, recyclable and yard waste materials. Pick up is once a week on Tuesdays at no charge to the resident.
  • Items are to be placed in trash containers at the curb not prior to 5:00PM the evening before, but no later than 7:00AM on Tuesday.
  • Residents are limited to six (6) twenty-seven gallon containers or 60 pounds in weight of waste in each container per collection.
  • All empty containers are to be removed from the curb by midnight of pick up day.
  • MISSED PICK-UPS:  Contact Rumpke customer service at 513-742-2900.  Press 1 for residential pick-up and report your name, address, and items missed.

NEW!!  Hamilton County Solid Waste Interactive Map:  “What Can I Recycle?” and other information.  Click on link below and follow instructions and enter your address on interactive map.  Note:  Enter your street name in ONLY – do not put in Street, Road, Avenue, etc.


White Goods

A new Federal Law affects the disposal of “White Goods” containing CFC refrigerants. Items such as refrigerators, ice makers, window air conditioners and freezers contain CFCs. The following steps are necessary to dispose of “White Good” items.

  • Contact a local appliance service center that can provide CFC removal.
  • The technician should tape evidence of CFC removal from the appliance.
  • Contact Rumpke at 742-2900 and request a CFC removal application.  This application must accompany the certificate of CFC removal from certified service center.
  • Rumpke will gladly remove any “White Good” item that has the proper documentation of CFC removal. Place item on curb for regular Tuesday pick up.