The Mayor’s Court Clerk’s Office Can:

  • Help you understand how the court works.
  • Help you reschedule court dates.
  • Answer questions about monies owed to the court.
  • Help you find information about your case.
  • Direct you to other agencies that can provide assistance.
  • Direct you to where you have to appear in court.

The Mayor’s Court Clerk’s Office Cannot:

  • Give you legal advice.
  • Fill out forms for you.
  • Tell you what to say or write.
  • Tell you how to plead your case.
  • Tell you how the court may rule or fine you in a particular case.

What Are The Court Fees:

Upon making a court appearance, the following costs or fees may be added to your fines.

  • Court Costs $65.00 – Any moving violation and $55.00 – Any criminal offense.
  • Court Costs $25.00 – Non Moving violations (ex: parking, seat belts)

What Forms Of Payment Are Accepted For My Ticket:

We accept check, money order, cash and MasterCard/Visa/Discover. If you are paying your ticket at the Violations Bureau in cash, the exact amount is required. We cannot always make change. If you are paying by mail, do not send cash. Please make check or money order payable to the Village of Fairfax.  You can also pay your citation online HERE.

What Is A “Payout”:
A payout is a minor misdemeanor that carries a fine that can be paid without making a court appearance. The fine is paid to the Violations Bureau of the court. If you choose to make a court appearance, the payout amount no longer applies. The judge will determine the fine amount and court costs will be added to that amount.

I Can’t Be In Court On The Date That Is On My Ticket. What Can I Do:
You can obtain a continuance by coming to the Fairfax Police Department, Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00AM and 5:00PM, and signing a time waiver. Your case will be continued for the next court date.

My Ticket Is A Payout, But I Won’t Have The Money By The Court Date. What Can I Do:
You can come to the Fairfax Police Department and sign a time waiver during the clerks hours which is 9:00AM to 5:00PM Monday – Friday.

When I Come To Court I May Not Have Enough Money To Pay My Fine. What Can I Do:
You can ask the judge for a continuance. You are allowed one continuance. By the next court date if you still cannot pay, it is up to the judge to give you more time. If you are found guilty on any case, you must pay at least your court cost before leaving court.

I Missed My Court Date. What Happens Now:
A warrant for your arrest will be issued and you will be required to post a bond to obtain another court date. In some instances, you will be given a Warrant Block through BMV on your license and registration. You must contact the police department to resolve the warrant.

Will I Get Points On This Ticket:
Most moving violations carry 2 points; others carry 4 or 6 points depending on the degree of misdemeanor. These points are reported to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV).

For more information, you may contact the Mayors Court Clerk, Monday through Friday from 9:00AM to 5:00 PM, except on holidays.

Molly Pennington, Mayors Court Clerk
Fairfax Police Department
5903 Hawthorne Ave
Cincinnati, Ohio  45227
(513) 272-9941