Stays of Execution for Payment of Fines:

The Village of Fairfax Mayors Court does grant stays of execution for payment of fines. In order to apply for a stay, you must pay at least your court cost that evening and then you will be put on a payment plan until your fine is paid in full. You may make a minimum monthly payment of $50.00, which must be received by 4pm the day of court. You must have cash, personal check, money order or Visa/MasterCard/Discover to pay your fines on Court night.


You are entitled to one (1) continuance for any reason which includes your right to obtain counsel. If you request a continuance, you will be asked to sign a waiver. No further continuance will be granted.

Courtroom Procedure:

When your name is called, step forward to the podium bringing with you any witnesses who will testify on your behalf.

If this is your first scheduled appearance on the charge(s) against you, and you wish a continuance of your case(s) immediately notify the court of this fact, and you will be granted a continuance to the next court night. If you request and are granted a continuance by the Magistrate, you must sign a time waiver.

You need make no statement at any point in the proceeding, but any statement may be used against you.

If you are convicted of a traffic violation, a record of the conviction will be sent to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and will become a part of your driving record.

For the trial of the charge(s) against you, you must enter a plea of Guilty, Not Guilty, or No Contest:

Guilty: You admit the facts and the violation(s) are true at which time the judge will impose an appropriate penalty.

Not Guilty: You are denying the alleged facts and that you have violated the law. You are asking the court to consider sworn testimony and evidence and then make a determination as to your guilt or innocence.

No Contest: You are admitting the facts, but stating to the judge that you do not know
whether or not you have committed a violation of the law. You are also asking the judge to determine your guilt or innocence after hearing a statement of the facts which you have already agreed is true.

Jury Trial:
On some charges a defendant is entitled to a trial by jury, and you will be notified when your case is called. You may sign a written waiver of a right to a trial by jury. If this is the situation, your case will be handled that night in court. If you wish to have your case tried before a jury, your case will be transferred to the Hamilton County Municipal Court located in downtown Cincinnati. You will receive notification when you must appear in that court. You will have no say as to the time and date for your appearance.

An expungement/sealing may be granted by the magistrate if certain criteria has been met according to the Ohio Revised Code Section 2953.32. To apply for an expungement/sealing, you must contact the Mayor’s Court Clerk during regular business hours.